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Accomodation & Facilities



JB is our main and has the most facilities. A two floor house with direct entrances to both the top and the ground levels.

  • Rooms: 8
  • Beds p/ Room: 4
  • Total capacity: 32 Beds
  • Toilets: 5
  • Showers: 2
  • Living room: Yes
  • Kitchen: Yes (not available for private use during June, July and August)

109,000 kr. p/ overnight



DSÚ is an accommodation facility.
It is ideal to accommodate groups. 

  • Rooms: 4
  • Beds p/ Room: 8
  • Extra Room: 2 Beds
  • Total capacity: 34 Beds
  • Toilets: 2
  • Showers: No
  • Living room: No
  • Kitchen: No
*DSÚ can only be booked together with JB, as an extension for more accommodation.
Price shown is referring to the cost of renting both.

245,000 kr. p/ overnight



Our campsite is divided into 30 areas, with a maximum capacity of 5000 people. Most of our campsites are located by the lake, less than 1 min walking.

  • Sleeping tent  (2-3 persons) | 2,400 kr. p / overnight
  • Sleeping bag & sleeping mat | 1,500 kr. p / person p / overnight 
  • Electricity | 1,000 kr. p/ overnight

1,800 kr. adult (16+) p/ overnight
700 kr. child (10 – 15) p/ overnight


  • Full day: Breakfast + Lunch + Coffee time + Dinner | 8,500 kr. 

  • Breakfast | 2,000 kr. 
  • Lunch | 2,500 kr. 
  • Coffee time | 1,500 kr. 
  • Dinner | 2,500 kr.
* Prices shown are per person.


Activities for Summer 2024 can be booked from January 1st

From hiking to kayaking, from glacier walking to white water rafting, the possibilities for adventure in the Úlfljótsvatn surroundings are endless.
We offer a fun, educational and safe program with options to accommodate any type of group, with activities being run both on site and off-site!



How to

Travel to Úlfljótsvatn

The best way to travel to Iceland is by air.
IcelandAir or Play offers regular flights from many major European and North American cities to Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport.

Once you arrive in Iceland, the only way to travel to Úlfljótsvatn is by road. There are no public transport services to Úlfljótsvatn so you have the option of either renting a car at the airport or we can arrange an airport transfer for you – see prices below.
Be aware that the closest supermarket is 20 minutes away by car. Úlfljótsvatn is located around 100km from the airport (2 hours driving) and directions can be easily found by searching Úlfljótsvatn on Google Maps.

Up to 9 pax | 290,000 kr.
10 – 19 pax | 345,000 kr.
20 – 29 pax | 390,000 kr.
30 – 39 pax | 439,000 kr.
40 to 49 pax | 483,000 kr.
50 to 59 pax | 566,000 kr.

*Prices shown are the total for transfer upon arrival, from Keflavík Airport to Úlfljótsvatn, and departure, from Úlfljótsvatn to Keflavík Airport.

How to book

If you are interested in making a booking with us, please send an email to ulfljotsvatn@skatar.is with the following information:
– Group name
– Group size
– Proposed dates
– Desired accommodation and services