Hrútey Island Paddling Tour

A challenging kayaking trip

Spend the day paddling across the entirety of Úlfljótsvatn to an Island on the other side!

Kayak with your group across the lake that the Scout Centre gets its name from to Hrútey Island on the other side. You will stop on the island for lunch, explore a little bit and return in the afternoon.


09:30/ 14:00 –  Meet guides and do equipment check
09:35/ 14:05 – Carry out kayaks and paddles 
09:45/ 14:15 – Begin kayaking
09:55/ 14:25 – Arrive to Úlfljótsvatn church and explore
10:05/ 14:35 – Begin kayaking to Hrútey island 
10:40/ 15:10 – Arrive to Hrútey Island and explore
11:10/ 15:40 – Begin kayaking to Flatey island
11:30/ 16:00 – Arrive to Flatey island and explore
11:40/ 16:10 – Kayak back to shore
11:45/16:15 – Arrive back and put away kayaks and equipment

Required Equipment:
– Clothes you don’t mind getting wet
– Small rucksack for snacks and water
– Old shoes 
– Waterproof jacket 
– Personal medication 
– 2 litres of drinking water 
– Packed lunch

If you are missing any of these items the guide can refuse to take you.
All specialised equipment is included in the cost of this activity.

Activities, Water
Run by

Úlfljótsvatn Guides 

Group Min./Max.


Age Min.

12 y/o


Full Day




ISK 3,000