Súmarbuðir at Úlfljótsvatn


During Summer 2021, we held 4 weeks of Súmarbuðir!

After four intense weeks, receiving just over 120 kids, we are happy to say that Sumarbúðir was a tremendous success. 

We haven’t had Sumarbúðir since 2016 for various reasons so we felt it was the perfect moment to take that challenge back into our operation. With a new team on the horizon, a new strategy, and the belief that Sumarbúðir brings Úlfljótsvatn alive, we started the year convinced that we needed to make it happen. 

Having someone dedicated to working specifically on the event, Hulda María, was a key element in our success. As the rest of the team was pretty focused during winter and spring running Skólabúðir and many other things. 

During the first week we had to re-learn some of the things that we had forgotten during all these years. Although it was great challenge, we feel that it was totally worth it. Seeing the place full of kids, and now potential scouts, running around, learning, hiking, climbing etc… has been a very motivating experience. All the staff members felt at that point, that we were on the right path. 

The second and third weeks went smooth and were equally as rewarding. Hard work pays off, and we saw the results of long months of uncertainty coming together. 

The kids enjoyed their camp and gained new knowledge and experience, the staff were happy to deliver it, the job was done… Sumarbúðir is back!