An overview, from the early planning to its phenomenal execution!

Skátasumarið was thought of as an alternative to Landsmót, due to difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is fair to say that what started as an “emergency plan” has turned into something that many scouts will want to see again. 

A planning team of 13 Scouts, from different Scout groups in Iceland, got together during a complicated year to do something that the entire association could enjoy. 

They found the way and they got straight into planning. There were uncertain months, lots of online meetings and lots of ups and downs. But there we were, in the beginning of July, seeing it all come to life!

What we saw during the 3 weeks was something unforgettable. 
Three identical camps, run by a team of 4 organisers, with the help of uncountable ISTs. We have to admit, that the will to help and the attitude towards making this possible is something that really showed up during the last month. 

There was some innovation in the planning of Skátasumarið. Starting by the idea, and followed by the work methodology the organisers implemented. We learnt so much on the way and we keep receiving the same question again and again:

“Will Skátasumarið happen again?”

I guess we don’t know. But it is certainly something worth looking into. What is for sure though, is that this association has so much to offer to their scouts during events, and there is a new generation of young leaders ready to give their time, effort and talents to serve others!