Full Day Horse Riding

A Unique Journey

Travel across the bautiful Icelanic landscpae on horseback while learning about the unique status and history of Icelandic horses.

This tour begins in Hveragerði and goes along the slopes of Reykjafjall mountain before arriving to the Reykjadalur hot springs where you will have the chance to take a dip in the river. The tour offers breathtaking views that are even better when experienced from horse back. 

This horse riding experience is very unique compared to any other you may have done before. Not only it is a very special journey in the Icelandic country side, it is also a chance to ride on the back of the incredible Icelandic horses. Iceland takes very good care of its horse breed and there is a lot to learn about them while riding.

Price, group size, age limit and timetable to be confirmed.
This activity is run by an external company. 
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Group Min./Max.

1 to 30

Age Min.

8 years old
Children younger than 14 years must have riding experience


5 to 6 hours incl. riding, breaks and bathing. 




8 to 14 – ISK 19,200
15+ – ISK 24,000